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Best Places
To Visit in Punta Cana

Explore the Top Destinations in Punta Cana with Thermite Tours

Punta Cana is a wanderer's paradise, offering scenic tropical beaches and breathtaking views of the Caribbean coastline. Located in the far east of the Dominican Republic, this beach town is poised to make your holiday experience unforgettable. Thermite Tours, a leading tours and excursion agency in Punta Cana, ensures your trip becomes truly unforgettable.

Top Six Places to Visit in Punta Cana

You have multiple destinations to explore in Punta Cana, and you can find some of those notable destinations in the following section.

Bavaro Beach.jpg

1. Bavaro Beach

The Bavaro Beach is an exquisite tourist attraction in Punta Cana. Initially, the region was planned to accommodate the resort workers and their facilities. However, the place's natural beauty has gradually turned it into a tourist attraction in Punta Cana.


Tourists seeking a relaxing holiday experience in Punta Cana should spend a few days at the Bavaro beach. There are multiple accommodation options here, and you can enjoy the beautiful nature around you with your friends and family.

2. Saona Island

Saona island excursion is one of the most popular activities among tourists and tour enthusiasts in Punta Cana. It takes around one and a half hours to reach Saona Island from Punta Cana. Thermite Tours can arrange the trip for you to ensure a hassle-free transfer to Saona Island.

The island offers a serene ambiance, where you can find nature in its purest form. White sand beaches surrounded by palm trees create a spectacular sight to relish while sipping your favorite drinks. You can enjoy underwater diving to see the colorful marine wildlife of Saona Island.

Saona Island.jpg
Los Haitises National Park.jpg

3. Los Haitises National Park

Los Haitises National Park is a haven for adventure lovers. People visiting Punta Cana for an adrenaline rush should include the place in their travel itinerary. The national park is known to be the home of the Caribbean endemic species.

You can explore the stunning mangrove forest, karst plateau, and sinkholes. Adventure lovers often try cave-repelling expeditions at this place. Exploring the lush rainforest will be a memorable experience. Contact Thermite Tours to book such thrilling expeditions in Punta Cana now.

4. Isla Catalina

The stunning Isla Catalina is another crucial tourist destination in Punta Cana. The topical island was once a haven for the pirates. But it has turned into a tourist destination nowadays. If you have booked the best party boat in Punta Cana through Thermite Tours, you can plan a stopover at this island to enjoy the place's scenic natural surroundings.

You can plan a full-day excursion to this place to spend time with serene and beautiful surroundings. You can enjoy underwater diving and other adventure activities here. However, tourists can also spend a few days here since multiple accommodation options are available.

Isla Catalina.jpg
Scape Park.jpg

5. Scape Park

Irrespective of your craving for adventure activities, Scape Park is a must-visit place in Punta Cana. The place exhibits lush jungles, scenic views, limestone topography, and many historic attractions. The 800-meter-long Farallon Cliff is the best tourist attraction of this place.

People looking to experience buggy and ATV tours in Punta Cana will find this place perfect to suit their requirements. Alternatively, you can try the zipline adventure here to get the much-needed adrenalin rush. The park also features a natural sinkhole named the Blue Hole.

6. Macao Beach

Macao Beach is officially the surfing paradise of Punta Cana, featuring beautiful beaches. The place is so naturally blessed that UNESCO recognized these beaches as the best in 2020. The azure water kissing the white sand creates an impeccable visual for the tourists.

Macao Beach does not remain too crowded even in peak seasons. Therefore, it becomes a blissful place for those who seek calmness during their holidays. You can plan and experience various adventure activities at this place.

Macao Beach.jpg

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